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Bari 2019: the news of the livestock exhibition

A large section dedicated to native livestock breeds and technologies for the management of stables and fodder characterizes the 2019 edition of the international exhibition that takes place in Bari from October 10 to 13. More than 500 heads of cattle, horses and sheep and goats are on display at the exhibition, as an example of the rich livestock biodiversity of Southern Italy

by Paolo Buttaci
July - September 2019 | Back

The 2019 edition of Agrilevante by EIMA, the International Exhibition of Machinery, Equipment and Technologies for the Agricultural Supply Chain, is characterized by an important innovation, the Livestock Show. The new exhibition space will be inaugurated on October 10, the opening day of the exhibition spanning four days until Sunday 13, winding between Pavilion 11 and Gallery 13 for a total area of over 6 thousand square metres. It will be dedicated to farm animals, covering all its aspects, from the display of machinery and equipment for the livestock supply chain to animal feeds and innovative tools for genetic improvement. The heart of the Exhibition is the display of over 500 heads of cattle, which represent an example of the rich biodiversity of Southern Italy. In addition to FederUnacoma surl, this new exhibition space is organized by the Italian Breeders Association AIA and its regional associates, in particular the Regional Breeders Association of Puglia, and by UmbriaFiere, which boasts an important know-how developed with the organization of over fifty editions of the AgriUmbria fair. During the event in Bari, the breeders' association organizes showcases and competitions for the main breeds of cattle - for milk, meat and dual purpose - buffaloes, sheep, goats, horses and rabbits. The inter-provincial exhibition of the Frisona breed and the regional Bruna breed, together with the showcase of the Jersey breed, are the rendezvous that involve the cattle breeds selected for milk production. The showcases of the Limousine, Marchigiana, Podolica and Romagnola breeds bear witness to the massiveness of the bovines selected for meat production, and the dual aptitude for the production of milk as well as meat is promoted with the regional meet of the Italian Pezzata Rossa breed. To complete the cattle sector in Southern Italy, the Mediterranean Bufala will also be showcased. The rich biodiversity of sheep and goats that for centuries has been a fundamental source of livelihood for the people of the South is illustrated with the interregional exhibition of sheep, where the Gentile di Puglia, Leccese and Altamurana breeds represent Puglia, while Basilicata is represented by the Merinizzata breed. With regards to the goat sector, the Interregional exhibition of the Nicastrese, Aspromontana and Rustica di Calabria breeds from the latter region, of the Syrian, Maltese and Capra di Potenza breeds from Basilicata, of the Cilentana breed from Campania, and lastly the Garganica and Jonica breeds from Puglia. Different breeds of rabbits characterize the showcase dedicated to rabbit breeding with 350 heads on display, while the CAITPR Interregional Horse Show and the showcase of the Murgese breed are dedicated to the equine world. Lastly, there are the donkeys, and specifically the Martina Franca Donkey. The format of the zootechnical exhibition includes the showcase in fixed housing of the animals, and moments in which they are evaluated inside a ring served by a tribune with over 300 seats, according to strict criteria for the selection of the best specimens, which are finally rewarded with the awards featured in the official exhibitions.


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