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EIMA, a 'driver' for innovation

Members of the political, scientific and business worlds celebrated the Technical Innovation award at EIMA 2022. Research and technological development are the basis of competitiveness in the agro-mechanical sector. The role of production districts and the partnership between universities and businesses. Innovation as a driving force in an increasingly competitive exhibition market

Technical Innovations: the winners of the "second round"

Innovation will, once again, be the key theme of EIMA International, the great exhibition of agricultural mechanics that will take place in Bologna next 19 to 23 October. Organized by FederUnacoma, the Italian association of agricultural machinery manufacturers, the Bologna...

The "Technical Innovations" contest debuts in the virtual universe of EDP

The 2020/21 edition of the "Technical Innovations" contest, dedicated to the technological innovations made by the exhibiting industries of EIMA International, starts with a first phase that takes place online on the EDP platform. In this initial round, 43 new solutions were awarded: 15 as "Technical Innovations", 28 as "Technical Mentions". Despite the difficulties created by the health emergency, participation in the competition was very high

Challenge the market with technological innovations

Innovation is the strong theme of Agrilevante, the exhibition of machines and technologies for Mediterranean agriculture. Held in Bari, it is attended by all the major manufacturers, as well as many medium and small businesses that are highly specialized and...

Alpha by Pellenc, a prize-winning range

Presented at EIMA 2018 and awarded a Technical Mention, the new Alpha range of professional tools with integrated battery by Pellenc includes a powerful and well-balanced lawn trimmer and rod hedge trimmer. One of the main features of the new...

EIMA innovation contest: winning technologies

On show in Bologna will be brand new machinery and devices selected and named for awards by a jury of experts. The technologies entered in the competition reach across all compartments, from tractors to implements and components. This year, the the exhibition of prize winning technologies will be shown with a new format to include information on increasing reality, which means a telephone system allowing access to the additional contents for descriptions of each single model on display of the way they work in operational settings

The innovation awards

On the occasion of the 2015 edition of Agrilevante, FederUnacoma has promoted the 4th edition of a contest for the recognition of Technical Innovation applied by the exhibitors. The purpose of the contest is to highlight the attention of the...

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