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Challenge the market with technological innovations

by the editorial staff
October 2019 | Back

Innovation is the strong theme of Agrilevante, the exhibition of machines and technologies for Mediterranean agriculture. Held in Bari, it is attended by all the major manufacturers, as well as many medium and small businesses that are highly specialized and capable of producing innovation. Intended for the companies from this sector, the Technical Innovation competition is an initiative that has been organized by EIMA International many times and has been added to the Agrilevante programme in recent years. It involves a jury of renowned experts evaluating the innovative new solutions that the manufacturing companies put into production and that are therefore already capable of taking on the market. In this edition, the jury rewarded five unprecedented technologies as "Technical Innovations" in the strict sense, and recognized six additional products as "Technical Mention". Based on the model of the competition by EIMA of Bologna, the eco-compatibility characteristics of the proposed solutions are also assessed at Agrilevante, and they are given an additional recognition, the so-called "Blue Award". In this edition, three of the five solutions awarded as Technical Innovations also obtained the "blue" recognition for their parti­cular eco-friendly qualities and for the significant reduction in environmental impact that they provide.

Antonio Carraro Spa / TR 7600 Infinity

What is it: tractor for vineyard and orchard, with hydrostatic transmission.  

What is innovative: the transmission and the power take-off (PTO) are automatically controlled in a coordinated manner. When the power requested by the implement to the PTO increases, the tractor reduces its forward speed, so that the torque sent to the implement increases and the PTO speed remains unchanged.

Foreseen advantages:  improved ergonomics for the operator, improved operational results.

De Masi Industrie Meccaniche Srl / Tree shaker S.P.A.R.E.

What is it: tree shaker to collect nuts and other hanging fruits (olives, almonds, chestnuts…). 

What is innovative:
the shaker allows to set also the width of the oscillations, in addition to the frequency. Furthermore, the start of the shaking isn’t abrupt, but it’s gradual up to the nominal value.

Foreseen advantages: changing the width of the oscillations together with the frequency, the energy transmitted to the trees can be optimized according to the type of vegetation, and to the age of each tree. Furthermore, the way of actuation of the vibrating part allows to reduce in a sensible way the fuel consumption and the torsional effects which lead to damage to the bark.

Emiliana Serbatoi / Carrytank 400+50 Pick-up

What is it: tank with two separate compartments for diesel and ad-blue, designed to be installed on pick-ups.

What is innovative: it’s a new product, on the market such tanks for diesel and ad-blue specifically designed to be transported on pick-ups did not exist before.

Foreseen advantages: the new tank answers to the needs of those operators who need to use in the field machines with systems to reduce engine gaseous emissions based on ad-blue.

Farm Technologies / Idroplan

What is it:automatic system for the irrigation of vineyards, orchards and other cultivations. 

What is innovative:
the system reaches a high level of integration between various available technologies. This allows to estimate the water potential of the cultivation in a specific way for the local conditions of the soil. The presence of wireless units for the field sensors is a proper example of A-IoT (Agricultural Internet of Things).

Foreseen advantages: agronomical optimization, ideal use of water resource, reduction of the energy consumption for the irrigation process.



What is it:implement mounted to the rear three points linkage to shred pruning residues.

What is innovative:
particular design of the shredding rotor with fixed tools, and contrast blades which are fixed to the chassis, with minimal space between these parts.

Foreseen advantages: increase of the productivity, because with just one passage it’s possible to process a large quantity of material, obtaining small pieces which can be decomposed in just one season.

Agco Italia Spa -  Fendt 900 Vario Gen6

What is it:high power tractor. 

What is innovative:improvements compared to the previous series in the engine, in the transmission, in the wheels, in the connectivity.

Foreseen advantages: improvements in productivity and comfort.


Agritech srls / Wedge Splitter TS-double Agritech

What is it:
wedge splitter for excavators. 

What is innovative:
the wedge splitter works thanks to a double effect hydraulic cylinder, which moves a blade with two cutting edges towards two opposite bases. In this way, there is no empty run back, instead e­very movement of the blade can be used to make a split.

Foreseen advantages: the time of the working cycle is reduced by a half.


BCS Spa / 

What is it:control system of the transmission and of the brakes of a tractor for vineyard and orchard.

What is innovative:
compared to the previous version of this transmission, some automatic functions have been introduced. They facilitate the use of the tractor in manoeuvres such as reversing the direction of movement or starting on a slope. 

Foreseen advantages:  this solution allows every operator to get the same quickness and precision in manoeuvring the tractor as the most skilled operators, improving the productivity. Furthermore, the mechanical elements are subject to less wear.


What is it: tractor for orchard.

What is innovative: the whole tractor has been designed to be as compact as possible; some solutions are the reduced front overhang, the lowered operator’s seat, the rear fenders that can be lowered to be always as close as possible to the tyres. 

Foreseen advantages: improved operativity in orchard and vineyard, ergonomics of the operator.



What is it:protection system from hailstorms for orchard and vineyard.

What is innovative:
the structure of the protection system has been designed so that the continuity of the cover is not necessary; in this way, it’s possible to have free spaces which facilitate the entrance of sunlight.

Foreseen advantages: optimization of the compromise between productivity and protection of the vineyard or orchard.

ORIZZONTI Srl / System to cut grass on bedformed rows

What is it:implement mounted to the rear three point linkage to cut undesired grass from bedformed rows.

What is innovative:
the mowing head is mounted on a lateral boom which is adjustable in height, so that it’s possible to cut grass in the zone at a different height compared to the tractor.

Foreseen advantages: improvement of the operativity.







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