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Anno 2015 Numero 10

October 2015

The innovation awards

On the occasion of the 2015 edition of Agrilevante, FederUnacoma has promoted the 4th edition of a contest for the recognition of Technical Innovation applied by the exhibitors.

The purpose of the contest is to highlight the attention of the agricultural machinery manufacturers to technical innovation, in order to solve several problems which are met in the agricultural activity, with special regard to the Mediterranean reality. A particular attention is paid to the aspects of ergonomy, safety at work and environmental protection.

The Committee for Technical Innovations, established by FederUnacoma, is made up by experts of Universities and Research Centers, by representatives of Manufacturers, of contractors, of A.I.I.A. (Italian Association of Agricultural Engineering) and of Enama (National Agency for Agricultural Mechanization).

The machinery and the devices recognized as “Technical Innovation” according to the criteria listed in the regulations of the contest are put on display throughout the show in an area particularly conceived for this purpose at the Bari fairground.

Technical Innovation

Caffini spa

Drift Stopper EVO

Characteristics:Towed tunnel sprayer with doubly articulated tow bar, controlled by an electro-hydraulic activation system.
Citation: The electro-hydraulic control of the articulations of the tow bar allows not to lock the tow bar itself in respect of the tractor. In this way localized overloads, which can bring to mechanical failures, are avoided. Furthermore it is possible to maneuver the machine in backwards direction as it can be done with a rigid trailer. 

F.lli Marinelli srl

Erpice frangizolle a dischi e sezioni indipendenti

Characteristics: Disc harrow with a double functionality: it is possible to set the incidence of the discs on the soil, that is the angle between their axle of rotation and the forward direction of the tractor, also with different values between the two sections of the machine; furthermore, every disc can overcome an obstacle in the soil without any disturbance to the adjacent discs. 
Citation: The devices on the machine allow a great versatility in use in the typical agricultural contexts of the Mediterranean areas. Furthermore, the possibility to set differently the two sections of the machine gives the chance to have the effect of two different soil operations with just one pass.


City Cut

Characteristics: Brushcutting device with two counter-rotating blades.
Citation: The solution brings almost to zero the risk of thrown-objects, improving safety especially in urban areas and avoiding damage to people and things around. 



Atomizzatore Duplex Tornado Marisan

Characteristics: Trees sprayer with two counter rotating fans and a tilting device on which nozzles are installed. The machine particularly matches the needs of high density citrus and olive groves, typical of Mediterranean areas.



Characteristics: Narrow tractor with low profile cab and rubber rear tracks instead of rear wheels. Steering is obtained thanks to front wheels together with the central articulation. The particular versatility of the machine suites for the typical Mediterranean groves.

Antonio Carraro Spa

Protector 100 su TGF 10900

Characteristics: Narrow tractor with low-profile cab suited for typical Mediterranean groves, certified as Class-IV compliant according to the European Standard EN 15965 for the protection of the operator during spraying operations.


Sollevatore telescopico dotato di tre sistemi combinati MBCM, MBFS, MSHS

Characteristics: Package of solutions to improve practicality and safety of the telehandler. This is achieved controlling the longitudinal and lateral stability, the effects of frontal impacts of the boom with a fixed obstacle, the path of the load according to pre-determined choices of the operator from the cab and allowing the use of attachments in floating mode.

Pellenc Italia Srl

Rasion Smart

Characteristics: Electric pedestrian lawn mower, powered by battery, self-propelled, with great lightness and manoeuvrability. In the Smart version, which gets the prize, it has electronic controls for setting the cutting height, the speed of the blade and the forward speed, also during work.  


by the editorial staff

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