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The "Technical Innovations" contest debuts in the virtual universe of EDP

The 2020/21 edition of the "Technical Innovations" contest, dedicated to the technological innovations made by the exhibiting industries of EIMA International, starts with a first phase that takes place online on the EDP platform. In this initial round, 43 new solutions were awarded: 15 as "Technical Innovations", 28 as "Technical Mentions". Despite the difficulties created by the health emergency, participation in the competition was very high

by the editorial staff
October - November 2020 | Back

From the "zero emissions" electric telehandler to the first machine for harvesting melons, from the bioplastic armrest to the self-driving tractor with artificial intelligence, up to the multispectral vision device that detects in real time the needs of plants in terms of nitrogen, growth regulators and defoliant. The 2020/21 edition of the prestigious Technical innovations contest, which rewards the most significant technological innovations proposed by the exhibiting industries of EIMA International, and ends with the physical edition of EIMA International, which will take place in 2021. A specific section of the EDP platform (called "Technical Innovations") is specifically dedicated to the contest: in this space, visitors will be able to discover the solutions awarded by the jury from 11 to 15 November, while on Thursday 12 November starting at 16:00, a presentation event will take place in the live space of the platform called Agorà.

Despite the fact that the general economic scenario still presents elements of uncertainty, so far the competition has already registered a very high participation by exhibiting companies - explains FederUnacoma, the Italian association of agricultural machinery manufacturers, direct organizer of EDP and EIMA International - and this represents a very important indicator of the liveliness and competitiveness of the sector.

Overall, the jury of experts awarded as many as 43 innovations referring to a wide range of product categories: 15 as "Technical Innovations", that is technologies that stand out for their great innovative nature, 28 as "Technical Mentions", that is machines, devices and systems that have distinguished themselves for efficiency and ability to improve performance of machinery for agriculture. This first part of the '20 -'21 edition of the contest also featured agriculture 4.0 technologies and those aimed at increasing the environmental sustainability of agricultural machinery. Many of the solutions proposed by the companies were focused on reducing polluting emissions, on the development of new eco-compatible materials, on automation, robotization and on-demand processing systems. These latest generation technologies are increasingly widespread in the primary sector, and are already within the reach of farms and contractors.

According to FederUnacoma, the "Technical Innovations" contest is having great success, both in terms of the number of participants and the quality of the innovations submitted to the jury. Precisely because it is emerging in such an uncertain scenario, this success testifies to the companies' great desire to focus on research in order to return to doing business. It also confirms the signs of market recovery that are coming from various countries (including non-European countries).

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