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Agrilevante by EIMA, a brand for Mediterranean agriculture

The international exhibition of machinery and technologies for agricultural supply chains takes place at the Bari exhibition centre from 10 to 13 October. Organized by FederUnacoma, the exhibition presents a wide range of technological solutions and is aimed at an audience of farmers, mechanization technicians and foreign operators attending with delegations from 45 countries organized in collaboration with the ICE Agency

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The international showcase of Agrilevante is presented at its sixth biennial appointment, next October 10 to 13, with the new logo “Agrilevante by EIMA”. This wording underlines the common mould of this exhibition and the great exhibition held at the Bologna fair every two years, alternating with Bari: two events organized directly by FederUnacoma, centred on the most innovative technologies for agriculture, conceived according to the same formula structured around a strict product division and a system of services designed for professionals of this industry and for foreign operators. Agrilevante 2019 will have over 300 exhibiting industries, divided into production chains, Grains, Energy/No Food Crops, Olives/Olive Oil, Fruit and Vegetable, Vineyards/Wine and Livestock.

The livestock section represents one of the most significant innovations of Agrilevante 2019. In addition to the machinery for haymaking, for feeding animals and for the stable, there will be an exhibition of about 500 heads of livestock - including cattle, horses, sheep and goats - of select breeds. The livestock section is a resource for all those Mediterranean countries in which livestock is an important component of the agricultural economy, which need to improve the quality of production and treat animal welfare according to ever higher standards.

Precisely because of the rich offerings, the 2019 edition of Agrilevante promises even greater public participation than the record number of almost 71,000 visitors recorded in the previous edition. Among these - coming from the Italian regions from southern Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, North and Sub-Saharan Africa - a qualified component is represented by foreign economic operators, coming from 45 countries, organized by FederUnacoma in collaboration with the ICE Agency, with a programme that includes business-to-business meetings with companies that offer specific technologies that foreign operators have an interest in for their markets.

Visitors to Agrilevante - many of whom have planned to arrive at the fair through specially organized coaches, using the contribution offered by FederUnacoma for transporting groups - will find the most advanced mechanical technologies and the most innovative electronic and digital devices for the control and management of machines and cultivation operations. They will also have at their disposal a very rich programme of conventions, meetings and information workshops on economic, political and technical issues, in particular those concerning agronomic Mediterranean crops, those relating to the use of agro-forestry waste for energy uses, and those relating to activities in the rural environment and to the care of public and private green areas.



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