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Agrilevante, a very promising edition

The Bari event, organized by FederUnacoma from October 10 to 13, confirms the steady growth of the last few years. The credit goes to the technical contents, the wide range of products, the schedule of meetings and the international character of the event, which is specifically aimed at the countries of the Mediterranean basin

by Giacomo Di Paola
January - February 2019 | Back

There are still nine months left to the 2019 edition of Agrilevante, the international exhibition of machinery, systems and technologies for the Mediterranean agricultural supply chains, held in Bari from 10 to 13 October 2019, but already today the event organized by FederUnacoma seems to be headed for being sold out. This is confirmation of the trend that emerged in the last three editions, characterized by a steady growth in both exhibiting companies and visitors. For example, the former rose from 290 in 2013 to 328 in 2017, with a double-digit percentage increase (13.2%). The trend has also involved foreign exhibitors: two years ago, with 56 companies, this showcase reached its historic record. The 2017 edition also marked another record, that of visitors. During the three days of Agrilevante, 71,000 people (3,000 of whom were foreigners) crowded the premises of the Fiera del Levante. Also in this case, the increase compared to 2015 is double-digit (+16%), but the recorded boom is even more evident when compared with the numbers from 2009, when the event had 34,000 visitors. In short, in just eight years Agrilevante has managed to double its attendance. Thanks to a successful formula, which offers a wide choice of machines for each task and a rich calendar of meetings dedicated to the most diverse areas of agriculture and mechanization, always aiming at specialization and technological characterization. The Bari exhibition is the most important of the trade fairs dedicated to the primary sector that take place in the entire Mediterranean basin. From the processing and preparation of the soil to sowing, from irrigation to treatments, all the way to harvesting, transporting and initial processing of the products, the event offers a complete overview of effective solutions for the entire production cycle. These solutions are based on the specific cultivation needs of North Africa, the Balkan area, Mediterranean Europe and the Near East. Agrilevante continues to grow precisely because, for the primary sector, it has become a meeting and place of dialogue for all the countries bordering the Mediterranean.

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