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Technological innovation for the Mediterranean

by Davide Gnesini
October 2023 | Back

The Technical Innovation competition - which awards prizes for the most advanced solutions in the field of agro-mechanics created by manufacturers - is by now a classic appointment at Agrilevante. Based on the model of the competition historically organised as part of EIMA International in Bologna, the Bari initiative has a precise ritual, involving the candidature of manufacturers, the preparation of technical dossiers on proposed models, and the appointment of a commission of experts whose task is to evaluate the technological content of the solutions presented and select those deserving of the prize as "Innovation" and recognition as "Mention".

In the spirit of an exhibition that looks in particular to the countries of Southern Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa, an additional prize, called the "Special Agri-Mediterranean" prize, will be awarded to the technical solution that best interprets the particular needs of agriculture in the basin.

The prizes awarded as part of the competition represent for manufacturers an element of visibility and an effective marketing tool, but also constitute in the overall economy of the exhibition an important indicator of quality. In the philosophy of FederUnacoma - the manufacturers' federation that is the direct organiser of EIMA International and Agrilevante - trade fairs must be a showcase for cutting-edge technology and not just a promotional and commercial opportunity. Through the Technical Innovation Competition, the industries of the sector compete, test their design skills, demonstrate their skill in transferring the results of research to mass production, and confirm their willingness to invest capital and professional resources to respond, in an increasingly incisive manner, to the challenges of modern agriculture.

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