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Agrilevante, Mediterranean prospect

Manufacturers, visitors and business people will meet up at Agrilevante to learn of the most modern technologies for agriculture and the management of greenery. The program of these business-to-business encounters is planned according to geographic areas as organized by FederUnacoma and ICE for a run of three days dedicated respectively to African countries, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Balkans

by the editorial staff
October 2017 | Back

The Agrilevante exposition is scheduled for October 12 to 15 in Bari for an event which has attained international status. Other than the exhibitors from abroad, arriving from 21 countries, including Germany, Japan, the United States and China, visitors from 60 countries are expected to attend to confirm the review as a top flight appointment for the agricultural mechanization sector. Members of official delegations from abroad, organized by the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation, FederUnacoma, and the Italian Trade Agency, ICE, are increasing in number over those who came for the 2015 edition. Other than visiting the trade fair, these delegates will also take part in business-to-business meetings in an area set aside for them in Pavilion 18. The business people from 40 countries sending delegations will conduct business with manufacturers’ representatives on a schedule for the 12th, 13th and 14th planned according to their geographic areas. The first meetings are set for North and Sub-saharan Africa, followed by a second day for Eurasia and the Middle East and then the final day for Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Thus the days for tours of the stands will include contacts and negotiations on the purchase of machinery and equipment most of which built specifically for Mediterranean farm crop productions and the climate and land characteristics of the territories of the business people in these delegations.

This initiative is one of the most relevant from a financial point of view in the setting of an exposition drawing crowds of visitors expected to reach of some 60,000 as well as 5,000 models of machinery and items of equipment for agricultural and agro-industry supply chains plus plans for meetings of interest for farmers, groundskeepers and for political figures, administrators, representatives of institutions and others in the fields of agriculture and associated industries.

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