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A full calendar of events

The exhibition of agricultural machinery for the Mediterranean is approaching its October appointment with a packed calendar of conferences, seminars and workshops. The focus of the event will be on policies and strategies for the development of the region's agricultural economies, as well as technical topics with in-depth studies by universities, sector publishers, and trade associations

Summer 2023, the Agrilevante worksite

With the allocation of exhibition space and the arrangement of themed areas and facilities for demonstration activities and conferences, the international Agrilevante exhibition has completed its most important organisational phase. Held at the Bari fairgrounds from 5 to 8 October...

Agrilevante, returns in style

The march towards the seventh edition of the exhibition dedicated to agricultural mechanisation for the Mediterraen began in Bari on 13 April. The event promoted by FederUnacoma in partnership with Fiera del Levante, presented during a press conference, will be a great workshop for the development of primary economy

Agrilevante, a workshop for Mediterranean agriculture

The development potential of the Mediterranean agricultural economies is one of the major themes addressed by the Bari event. The countries of the region are characterised by a strong vocation for quality production, but have critical issues that require specific intervention policies. The strategic role of mechanisation to optimise the use of production factors
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Mechanization and training in agriculture: a great project for Africa

An Italian-African bilateral convention was sealed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome for the launch of a Segment Agriculture initiative committing FederUnacoma and the CIHEAM of Bari as principal partners of Sub-Saharan governments. For African countries Italy prefigures as a model of qualitative agriculture on the prototype of family farming but a model equipped with basic mechanical technologies

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