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Agri-culture, Capraia becomes the first organic district on a Mediterranean island

Agrilevante was the setting for presentation of this initiative, which is part of the broader "Capraia Smart Island" circular economy project, aimed at enhancing the island's territory with concrete actions to protect agro-ecosystems, safeguard the landscape, and reduce the environmental impact of human activities

Stories of heroic agriculture in the minor islands

They are splendid natural paradises, destinations for international tourism, but also places where cultivating the land is extremely difficult, first and foremost due to isolation. But it is precisely from the 55 minor Italian islands that an additional stimulus arrives for agricultural machinery manufacturers to design equipment capable of operating even in hostile conditions

Capraia, a laboratory for agricultural mechanics

The Capraia Smart Island Project, supported by FederUnacoma since its activation in 2017, is progressing. The component "Circular Economy and Sustainable Agriculture", pays attention and resources to the green management of the small Mediterranean Islands. An essential contribution to the affirmation of agroecology can also come from using machines suited to the specifics of the local context

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