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From RDPs to bioenergy, on the Agrilevante agenda

A heavy schedule of conferences, seminars and workshops set up by universities, other entities, institutions and publishing houses will accompany the duration of Agrilevante for analyses, thorough study and times for comparisons on the major issues of interest and the current state of affairs in the production sectors taken up at the exposition.

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The schedule of Agrilevante 2015 meetings opens Thursday, October 15th, with a press conference for the presentation of the event with the participation of the presidents of FederUnacoma, the Italian Agricultural Manufacturers Federation, and the Fiera del Levante and Puglia Region institutional representatives (Puglia Region Hall, Pavilion 20 – 10:30 am).

Following is a conference organized by the Universities of Bari and Foggia Agrarian Faculties in collaboration with FederUnacoma and the Puglia agro-food Press Association. The theme of the assembly is Vegetable-Fruit Supply Chain Machinery and Plant: Technological Innovation at the Service of Enterprise for updates and technical-scientific comparisons among personnel in applied researchers in this mechanization sector (Friday, October 16th, Biancospino Hall, Pav. 10 – 9:00 am).

Also planned for the same day are a number of meetings beginning with one entitled, National and Puglia Region Regulatory Panorama for the Control of Irrigation Machinery. This meeting is sponsored by the University of Bari, the Puglia Region and ENAMA, the National Agricultural Mechanization Agency for studies and information for workers in the field of plant treatment and the framework of current regulations applied to control of irrigation machinery at the European, national and especially the Puglia Regional levels (Leccio Hall, Pav. 10 – 9:30 am).

The next meeting coming up revolves around the Italian Biomass Association (ITABIA) for bringing together academic figures and private and public experts in the sector for analyses of the economic prospects for green energy in the workshop, The Biomass Resource and Green Chemical Products, A Promising Production Chain for Mediterranean Agriculture (M.i.A. Workshop Hall, Pav. 20 – 10:30 am).

The next meeting, backed by New Business Media, will be focused on critical features and opportunities in the winemaking supply chain, New Techniques, New Regulations, New Wine Varietals: Planting and Vineyards Changing Skins, (Biancospino Hall – 2:30 pm).

The third one set for Friday the 16th is dedicated to the theme, All the Help for Regional Development Programs (RDPs) for Conservation Farming and Mechanization, organized by the publisher L’Informatore Agrario (Alloro Hall, Pav. 10 – 10:00 am) for the participation of Italian experts and academics. In this conference and one on the following day, Profitability in Cereal Cultivations in South Italy Between New RDPs and Sustainability, those in attendance will be given illustrations of the possibilities for linking innovation and savings and respect for the environment.

The National Union of Agricultural Machinery Dealers (UNACMA) is setting up a  Mech@griJOBS area furnished in stand 45/46, Pav. 18, and a talk show scheduled for the morning of Saturday, October 17th, with the participation of representatives of the major mechanical engineering-agricultural supply chains for dealing with the issues of the market, revisions and training.

Country Seminars sponsored by the Puglia Region, ICE, the Italian Foreign Trade Agency, and FederUnacoma are planned for the 15th, the afternoon of the 16th and the morning of the 17th in the Acero Hall, Pav. 20, for informing Italian business people in the agro-business sector of commercial opportunities and partnerships offered in the Balkan countries and from Turkey to India. The afternoon sessions are set for 3:30 pm and the morning one for 10:00 am.

Rounding out the information on offer for the Bari review to report is a series of seminars and workshops sponsored mainly by ITABIA and L’Informatore Agrario. In the M.i.A. Workshop Area in Pav. 20, the Italian Biomass Association is staging daily seminars from Thursday to Saturday on bio-energy issues from the point of view of Mediterranean agriculture. The Verona publishing house, in the Vita in Campagna Pav. 20, is organizing 19 courses on vegetable cultivations and fruit orchards in plots built live in the trade fair setting with theoretical lessons and demonstrations.

All these Agrilevante meetings are open to the general public with free entry. (The complete schedule is available on the Agrilevante website).


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