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From October 10 to 13, Agrilevante offers sector operators a busy schedule of in-depth conferences on a wide range of salient themes for agriculture in Southern Italy and the entire Mediterranean area. The economic and political themes will feature prominently, together with those of a more technical nature, on Mediterranean area crops, plant engineering, animal welfare and the employment prospects of the agro-mechanical sector

by the editorial staff
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Conferences, workshops, seminars. Thanks to the close collaboration with the Department of Agriculture of the Puglia region, in conjunction with the universities and with top training centres such as the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari, the sixth edition of Agrilevante, opens a broad view on salient issues for the primary sector of Southern Italy and the entire Mediterranean area. The calendar of conferences is dense, with a series of topics ranging from purely economic and political issues - see in particular the opening conference on the development prospects of the Mediterranean agricultural economy promoted directly by FederUnacoma - to more technical ones, such as the conference on innovation in mechanics and plant engineering in agro-food and forestry biosystems, created in partnership between the Universities of Bari, Foggia and Bologna. The topic of agriculture in the Mediterranean islands is technical, and it is the subject of a conference promoted by FederUnacoma and attended by the Italian Biomass Association Itabia, and the Universities of Palermo and Thessaloniki. The  event will highlight the important role of agriculture in the economy of the smaller islands and the results of research projects will be presented for the development of a specific mechanization for the islands’ context. Meanwhile, the meetings on strategies to combat hydrogeological instability in Puglia and on land maintenance, organized by Biohabitat and Promoverde in the MiA area are relevant from an agricultural and environmental point of view. There is also room for the bioenergy sector and the enhancement of innovative agro-industrial chains, with the many workshops set up by Itabia in collaboration with Chimica Verde, Bionet and Federcanapa. With regard to bio-energies, the conference promoted by the University of Bari and Itabia on energy efficiency in the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors should also be noted. With the inclusion within Agrilevante of the large section dedicated to breeding, the conferences are also partly focused on salient topics for the livestock sector. One particularly interesting conference is promoted by L’Informatore Agrario on the theme “What is the value of well-being in the stable?” and other initiatives such as the conference promoted by AIA and ARE Puglia on the application of precision systems in livestock farms. Other important themes regard conservation agriculture and computer and mechatronic innovations promoted with events specifically dedicated by New Business Media. For an exhibition that sees a growing participation of young people, the issues related to training and employment opportunities are definitely important, supported among other things by a new edition of Mech@griJobs, the popularizing event on the professional figures of the agro-mechanical production chain promoted by Unacma and FederUnacoma, aimed at students of agricultural secondary schools. Occupational perspectives are always in the foreground with the conference entitled “Technological evolution applied to agricultural mechanics: opportunities for young people”, created by FederUnacoma in collaboration with the Universities of Bari, Foggia and Basilicata and with the IAM of Bari. Always in the foreground is the issue of safety, with the presentation of “RIPRESA”, a project that uses networks to improve safety in the workplace, promoted by INAIL and by the Universities of Tuscia, Udine and Catania. The conference on the cultivation of tropical fruit in the southern regions is particularly striking, organized by the magazine “Agriculture in Sicily”.

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