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Young farmers, getting smarter

Keen on innovation, competent and linked: this is the profile of young Italian agricultural entrepreneurs outlined by a survey conducted by Edagricole and Nomisma in collaboration with Bayer, presented online on 4 February during the event "Towards a younger and...
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European Green Deal, Italian agriculture is moving ahead

Healthy food, reduction climate-changing emissions and pesticides: Italian agriculture is ready to take up the challenge of the European Green Deal, but economic and environmental sustainability must go together. This according to a report from Fieragricola - Nomisma Observatory presented on the eve of the Verona fair

Agri-food companies strengthened by the crisis

Stronger, innovative and export-oriented. Italian agri-food companies are strengthened after the long recession that hit the country between 2011 and 2016. This fact is supported by a Nomisma study that makes a check-up of the sector to assess how the country responded to the challenge of a crisis that lasted more than five years.

Technologies and models for Sub-saharan Africa development

Development of the agricultural economy in Sub-saharan Africa could stabilize the African continent and meet food requirements as well as maintain agricultural communities on their lands of origin to help stop the flows of migration to Europe. An international conference held at Agrilevante shed light on the problems and potential

Digital agriculture: innovation on the net

A survey carried out by Image Line and Nomisma was presented at EIMA International, regarding the use of internet information and electronic technologies by farmers and subcontractors. Increasing the use of specific "apps"

Agricultural machinery: Mediterranean area market growing

A Nomisma/FederUnacoma market survey on tractors and implements in the countries around the Mediterranean region was presented at Agrilevante. Agricultural machinery imports showed net growth in 2014 and the first half of 2015. The Italian industry is playing a leading role in market shares in a number of companies but imports from such emerging countries as China and India are carrying increasing weight

Italian agricultural machinery market: reasons behind the crisis

Over the past five years the Italian agricultural machinery market has been subjected to a decline of 30% and is still a cause for worry when compared to sales trends in such countries as Germany and France where gains are reported. A survey conducted by Nomisma for FederUnacoma based on past data and interviews carried out on a sample of 800 agricultural enterprises has drawn a focus on the reasons behind this trend. Uncertainty on the future of farms, increasing recourse to contractors and the retrofitting of machinery already in farm inventories are among the factors putting the brake on the acquisition of new machinery.

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