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EIMA Show, the miracles of Agriculture "4.0"

The two-day exhibition dedicated to precision farming, machines and systems for precision agriculture ended on 29 July in Casalina di Deruta (PG). Hundreds of machines were in action on the field and about 15,000 visitors took part in the event, which is already looking ahead in the future with a second edition

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Over 90 models of last-generation tractors and combine harvesters, more than 200 forage and grass harvesting equipment for soil cultivation and other cultivation operations produced by 50 manufacturing companies gathered together at the same time.

This is the show offered by EIMA Show, the exhibition of agricultural machinery and technologies that ended on 29 July at Casalina (Casalina di Deruta - PG) after two days of intense activity.

An estimated 15,000 people took part in the exhibition, contributing to this event sponsored by UmbriaFiere, Coldiretti Umbria, University of Perugia, Foundation for Agricultural Education and FederUnacoma, and realized thanks to the support of the Department of Agriculture of Umbria and the municipal authorities of Marsciano and Deruta, where the Casalina farm is based.

All the mechanical means in action were guided by satellite, computer and sensory systems, and integrated with the information obtained from the use of specialized drones, in order to offer a complete demonstration of what is called “Agriculture 4.0” that represents the new frontier of land-based cultivation technologies.

The event was in fact characterized by being specifically dedicated to “precision agriculture” and witnessed the participation of many of the world’s leading manufacturing industries by offering an example of how the agricultural mechanics sector is developing towards full automation of functions and to scientific control of all production factors and environmental parameters, in order to be more efficient, eco-compatible and secure for operators.

The inauguration ceremony - which took place on Friday 28 July in the area set up at the entrance of the Casalina Farm  - hosted the President of Umbria Region, Catiuscia Marini, the Regional Ministry of Agriculture Fernanda Cecchini, the Mayor of the town of Marsciano Alfio Todini, the Mayor of Deruta Michele Toniaccini, the President of Coldiretti Umbria Albano Agabiti,  the President of UmbriaFiere Lazzaro Bogliari, FederUnacoma President Alessandro Malavolti, the CEO of FederUncoma surl Massimo Goldoni, as well as the Rector of the University of Perugia Franco Moriconi, and the Vice President of the Foundation for Agricultural Education Francesco Panella.

“Technological innovation in agriculture is the only tool that can enable food support,” explained FederUnacoma President Alessandro Malavolti during the inauguration ceremony - in a world scenario where the extension of cultivated land is not going to increase compared to the current one, and where the demographic pressure will grow exponentially”.
“What has been seen in the field, with the demonstrations offered by these extraordinary machines - highlighted at the end of the event the director of the FederUnacoma Event Office Marco Acerbi - is really fascinating and projected in the future, if we consider that all the mechanical means were governed by invisible but effective digital systems in land reading, in the optimization of machinery management, and in the elaboration of all agronomic and environmental parameters that influence crops.”

The EIMA Show event - the organizers concluded - has the features to become a regular event, among the most important ones, dedicated to agricultural mechanics and applied electronics.

At the end of these days, the focus is already on the forthcoming edition, scheduled for summer 2018.




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