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The event in Umbria was a show dedicated to machinery and digital agriculture systems which brought in the participation of 6,000 farmers and technicians in the sector. For the near future the goal of the organizers' committee is to extend the EIMA Show beyond the regional borders to become an event with national attraction in light of the growing importance of precision agriculture and the IT control systems arriving in the coming years

by the editorial staff
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The EIMA Show was three days of trial demonstrations of machinery and technologies for agriculture 4.0 which closed Sunday on the Casalina di Deruta farm, near Perugia, with a fully successful balance sheet. The excellent technical contents were presented on tractors, other agricultural machinery and equipment, driving systems and top flight technologies for digital control. Also positive were the organizer’s technological solutions targeted on rational programming work and facilitating the visits of farmers, contractors and business people. The visitors ar-
riving were dealt with by the organizers, FederUnacoma,
UmbriaFiere, Coldiretti, the University of Perugia, the
Agrarian Education Foundation in Perugia and CESAR. The data disclosed that these visitors came to a total of 6,000, most of them from Umbria. For developing the event and exploiting its great potential, FederUnacoma reported the opinion that the EIMA Show must be extended beyond the local level to become a trade fair fixture on a national scale. The FederUnacoma president, Alessandro Malavolti, said, “This is a challenge we can cope with thanks to the precious support of UmbriaFiere and the Agrarian Education Foundation responsible for the Casalina farm but will also need a great commitment by the professional agricultural organization involved in the initiative. Moreover, agriculture 4.0 is a new mechanization frontier and events like the one at Casalina are a strategic presidium because they work to disseminate, through the press and feed of networks and social media, the concept of digital precision agriculture coming up as a key issue at EIMA International in November underscoring the future of agriculture.  

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