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Italian company AMA acquires Star Zirai brand in Turkey


Last June 12, the AMA Group, a Reggio Emilia company involved in the production of components for agricultural machinery, acquired 60% of the Turkish company Star Zirai. The Anatolian company - the headquarters is located in Güzelyurt, South of Ankara - has thirty-five employees and a factory of over 2,700 square meters, and specializes in the production of clod crusher discs, seed drill discs and other components for soil processing. «We expect multiple benefits from the acquisition, ranging from the improvement of competitiveness on the market, to the increase in production capacity, up to greater penetration on the Middle East market», declared Alessandro Malavolti, CEO of AMA. Ersin Vardar, former owner and general manager of Star Zirai, will remain on the company's staff, thus guaranteeing business continuity, in line with the Emilian company's policy which aims to enhance local management in all foreign offices.

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