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McCormick X5.120 P3-Drive “king” of utilities

The international jury of Tractor of the Year selected the McCormick X5.120 P3-Drive as best utility model of 2024. Compact, resistent, versatile and connected, the McCormick tractor is equipped with a 4-cylinder FTP F36 Stage 3.6-litre V engine, which delivers 114 horsepower, and with an automated powershift transmission, which allows automatic shifting of up to 12 gears in the field and on the road. The standard equipment of the tractor comes with the Advanced Driving System (ADS) system, which controls the advanced steering functions, such as the automatic wheel realignment and the direction maintenance on uneven terrain. Axle and cabin of the tractor model are suspended in order to guarantee an optimal comfort in most diverse operating conditions. These technical solutions make the X5.120 P3-Drive a tractor particularly suitable not only for work on the farm but also for work in the field.

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