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Orchard and vineyard, TOTY rewards the Landini Rex 4-120 GT RoboShift Dynamic


In the "Best of Specialized" category, the Landini Rex 4-120 GT RoboShift Dynamic tractor prevails over the other four finalist models: the Tony 11700 V, the Farmtrac 25 Ghst, the e100V Vario, and the Metrac H70. In addition to the RoboShift transmission, the AutoPowerShift function and the SmartPilot multifunction joystick, the TOTY international jury appreciated the ADS system set up for precision farming, the cabin with "Zero Shock System" suspension and the digital and technological equipment available on board of the car. «The salient feature of this model is the RoboShift transmission, equipped with an electro-actuated robotic system that works on both the three speeds under load and the four basic gears. All this - we read in the reasons for the award - completed by the APS -Auto Power Shift function for the automatic gearbox with adjustable responsiveness».

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