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Year 2024 Number 5-6

May - June


Agricultural machinery, not everything is steel

Stainless steel, ceramic, tungsten carbide, fiberglass, plastics and even concrete. These are just some of the alternative materials to steel now commonly adopted for the manufacture of parts, equipment, elements, components and accessories of agricultural machinery

Innovative technologies for reducing the use of pesticides

Crop protection treatments performed with sprayers can be less accurate as a result of the drift effect. To address this issue, the manufacturers have developed several technology solutions to optimize treatments

Avocado, papaya, and mango: the new fruits of Southern Italy

Southern Italy is meeting the growing domestic market demand by gradually investing in exotic fruit production, which is being facilitated by softening temperatures. The main mechanized solutions for fruit harvesting

Brackish soils cultivation

Careful varietal selection, proper irrigation and a number of specific techniques make it possible to profitably cultivate even soils with high salt content and brackish water. Soil salinity can compromise the functionality of agricultural machinery

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