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Emak's sustainable strategy


Emak has joined the e-Fuel Alliance, a union of over 170 companies, associations and international organizations that is committed to raising awareness among institutional decision-makers and public opinion about the use of synthetic fuels. Membership in the Alliance is a further step forward in Emak's sustainability strategy, which was also recently included in the ranking of the "Most climate-conscious companies in 2024". Drawn up by Statista (a German website that deals with statistics) and by Corriere della Sera - Pianeta 2030, the ranking of the Italian companies that have most reduced the ratio between CO2 emissions and turnover. «eFuels will allow us to offer our customers who are still eager to use internal combustion engine machines a sustainable fuel to operate in an equally high-performance but more environmentally friendly way. We have already started, in collaboration with local universities, analyzes and numerical simulations, which - explains Luigi Bartoli, CEO of Emak - will be followed by tests on our machines with the aim of offering by 2025 an entire range of models compatible with this particular type of fuel".
eFuels are produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen and subsequently combining the hydrogen obtained from this process with carbon dioxide captured in the atmosphere. Therefore, they are zero net emissions fuels, since the CO2 taken from the atmosphere during their production process manages to compensate for that released by the machinery during the operational phase.

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