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Year 2023 Number 1-2

January - February


Machinery for harvesting fourth gamma salads

The broad appreciation that fourth gamma products have gained among consumers has led to the increasing development of this supply chain, which has encouraged the development of specific harvesting machinery, including electrically driven

Forest maintenance with harvesters and forwarders

The progressive worsening of climatic conditions requires that Italy's forest heritage be managed with ever greater care and diligence. From the point of view of mechanisation, the adoption of state-of-the-art machinery can facilitate better forest management, while ensuring the highest respect for the environment and a secure income for forestry companies

Weeding even where it seems impossible by hydroseeding

Slopes, ski runs, quarries, landfills, reinforced soil, nature engineering works, as well as sports grounds, golf courses, large public recreational areas and private or common gardens: these are the several areas where hydroseeding is most widely applied. An overview of the machinery used for this green maintenance work

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