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Year 2023 Number 3-4

March - April


The evolution of forage balers

To produce quality forage, it is essential to be able to manage the entire technical path, in which harvesting is certainly one of the most critical phases. Today more than ever, forage balers are at the centre of the development of innovative technologies based on sensor technology aimed both at monitoring the harvesting and baling of forage in real time and at automating certain operational routines

Open field irrigation pumps

Modern agricultural practice often uses irrigation as a fundamental means of crop production. The related systems are based on the use of pumps. Their design differs according to the mode of adquation and the specifics of the circuits in which they are installed

Asparagus harvesting: an evolving mechanization

Like several other crops in Italy, asparagus has historically experienced little mechanization because of the plant's specific characteristics. However, some dedicated harvesters are now available

Water management: ditchers

In the current climate change situation, shrewd irrigation water management is crucial for the best crop yield. Ditches and drains must be carefully planned and implemented: this is usually done with ditchers, solid machines that can work effectively in all soil types

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