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Year 2024 Number 2



Mapping, weeding, harvesting: the role of drones in agriculture

Despite some technical and regulatory issues that have yet to be definitively resolved, real-time monitoring of numerous environmental and crop parameters and selective distribution at variable rates are currently the most successful uses of drones in the agricultural sector. To the benefit of a qualitative improvement and a more effective sustainability of production

The air conditioning of the housing environments

The ventilation of the barn, as well as the maintenance of optimal humidity values, are essential interventions to ensure a good state of health of the animals and, therefore, to guarantee ideal levels of well-being and productivity

Spray booms, innovations that reduce pesticides

Limiting the use of pesticides is essential to protect the environment and human health. Technological innovations in the agro-mechanical field can make a fundamental contribution in this regard, optimising and rationalising the use of plant protection products

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