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The self-propelled agricultural machinery levelling on slope

In order to ensure the necessary stability when working on sloping terrain, combine harvesters, grape harvesters and other implements, especially the self-propelled versions, have adopted various technical solutions to ensure an adequate level of safety against tipping, but also better quality of work

Precision levelling with the Fontana mini-dozer

Fontana Srl, a company based in Crescentino (Vercelli) that for many years has been engaged in the production of machines for tilling soil and harvesting horticultural crops (green beans), is relaunching its core business in the soil levelling machine segment....

harvesting also on slopes

Keeping productivity without compromising the quality of the harvest and ensuring a clean product is difficult, especially in operations on sloping terrain. Combining highly evolved manufacturing techniques and sensor and electronic systems have considerably helped achieving this objective. The top brand names producing combine harvesters rely on innovative and original solutions, often created by specialized supplier companies

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