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Agriculture, in Italy is increasingly "organic"

Organically cultivated areas are increasing in Italy. In 2022, "green agriculture" will exceed 2 million hectares of cultivated land and will see its share of total agricultural area (UAA) grow to 18.7% (+1.3% on 2021). The situation in the Italian organic sector is depicted in a study by the consultancy firm Nomisma presented on the occasion of Sana, the international organic and natural trade fair held in Bologna from 7 to 10 September. The growth recorded in 2022 – is stated in the report  - confirms Italy at the top of green agriculture in Europe and brings the country closer to the 2030 deadline when, in compliance with the Farm to Fork strategy, each EU member country will have to dedicate a share of at least 30% of its UAA to organic crops. With the increase in low-impact crops - explains Nomisma - there was also a growth in the number of specialized companies, which in 2021 exceeded 85 thousand units, marking +8.9% compared to 2021.

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

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