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Kohler Engines, “green” energy for the Reggio Emilia plant


Kohler Engines and Grastim signed an agreement on May 5 for the construction of a plant for the self-production of electricity at the Kohler plant in Reggio Emilia. The project includes a 2 MW trigeneration system (technology that produces electricity, heating and cooling from a single source of primary energy) and an 860 kW photovoltaic park. The two plants will guarantee a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions (with a reduction of 1,300 tons per year) and a cut in energy costs of up to 15%. In the future - says Kohler - the plant could be expanded to produce another 2 MW, while the cogeneration module, already hydogen ready, could be fueled with hydrogen produced on site by electrolysis. “We are investing in renewable and diversified energy sources not only to improve not only the environmental impact of our engines, but also the sustainability of our production plants,” said Vincenzo Perrone, president of Kohler Engines.

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