Information on the mechanization of agriculture, gardening, components and multifunctionality.

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Year 2023 Number 7-9



Mechanized olive harvesting. High performance and gentle processing

Increasingly advanced machines have now broken new ground for highly productive and product-friendly harvesting. Synergy with harvesters greatly facilitates the development of technology

Quality and productivity in haymaking using proper mechanization

Timely intervention and the need to reduce losses and preserve forage from pollution with soil or other unwanted materials have driven manufacturers to develop highly productive haymaking machinery equipped with interesting technological solutions

Mechanized maintenance of river banks

The tractor's multifunctionality, and of course, its related implements, involves urban and suburban landscaping manintenance. The bank management of ditches, canals and rivers occupies a prominent role within this activity. In this context, a delicate balance must be maintained between hydraulic safety and environmental protection

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