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Year 2024 Number 1



Subsoiling and chiselling in conservation agriculture

The deep tillage of soil is a periodic practice, to be carried out selectively, depending on the specific requirements. Sustainable management of agricultural productions involves the use of various equipment, such as subsoilers, chisels and cultivators, aimed at restoring the most suitable physical structure of different agricultural soil horizons

Rationalizing agricultural inputs to improve sustainability

The use of machinery and agricultural inputs inevitably impacts the environment. A study in the red meat production chain shows that, with limited cultivation and machinery-use-related adjustments, tangible benefits can be achieved

The aeroponic cultivation

Soil-less agricultural production methods, such as hydroponics and even more so aeroponics, allow significant savings in water and inputs, including pesticides, thus being compatible with the growing sustainability needs of the primary sector to reduce environmental impact and effectively tackle climate change

Systems for the operational monitoring of agricultural machinery

The technical control of the company's machinery has assumed great importance, both for the traceability of particularly delicate processes, and to allow remote maintenance interventions in real time, resolving situations that would otherwise lead to long periods of machine downtime

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