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AgXeed technology, optimised operations between robots and tractors

Developing highly automated software and robots. This is the mission of 3A, the new company born from the partnership between CLAAS, AgXeed and Amazone to strengthen cooperation between tractor and equipment manufacturers, particularly in the field of robotics. The shortage...
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ACRE, agricultural robots in competition

The second edition of the event reserved for highly automated mechanical vehicles takes place at the end of May. Organised by the AIRLab of the Politecnico and the Department of Agricultural Sciences of Milan, in partnership with FederUnacoma and open to the public, the event includes a competition of skill among robot models, and an exhibition of the most innovative technologies

Autonomous robots, a competition to test their performance

The first official competition of autonomous robots for weeding field crops was held in Montoldre (France) from 7 to 10 June. The event, called ACRE (Agri-food Competition for Robot Evaluation) was organised by the Politecnico di Milano and the Department...

Automatic systems for cattle feeding

Automated cattle feeding systems are playing an increasingly important role in the livestock sector. They combine an increase in dry matter ingestion by the animals with significant labor and energy savings

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