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SUSA Project for connected, quality seeding

The outcomes of the SUSA Project - Smart Universal Seeding Appliance - a research project which has led to the development of a system for precision seeding that can optimize the work process, were submitted at an online meeting last...

Remote fleet management with the IOTBOX control unit

Presented during the EIMA Digital Preview, IOTBOX is the new electronic control unit signed by YNNOVA, a mechatronic engineering company of the Arag Group from the Veneto region (based in Arzergande in the Padova area). Specialized in industrial applications of...

Arag-Ynnova, technologies for agriculture 4.0

After the debut at EIMA International, the new Arag-Ynnova partnership also makes a stop at the SIMA in Paris, where the most innovative solutions for agriculture 4.0 take the stage. The technologies developed by the Venetian company (the headquarters are...

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