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Agricultural machinery, first quarter down but market remains strong


The machinery market held up well in the first quarter of the year, albeit with a drop compared to the record volumes reached in the same period of 2021. Registration figures, processed by FederUnacoma on the basis of registrations provided by the Ministry of Transport, indicate a total of approximately 5,400 units sold for tractors, down 9.9% compared to the first quarter of last year when registrations were up 57.6% on 2020.
In the first three months of 2022, sales of combine harvesters reached 41 units, down 26.8% compared to the previous year (in the first quarter of 2021 they had grown by 180% compared to 2020), while registrations of tractors with loading platforms reached 132 vehicles, down 10.2% compared to the first three months of 2021 (+21.5% compared to 2020). Trailers and telehandlers also remained at high levels, closing the first part of the year with 1,944 (-8.2%) and 309 (-18.7%) units sold, respectively. Also for these two types of machines, the drop in 2022 has a relative weight, as it refers to a quarter that in 2021 had seen record increases in registrations (compared to 2020: +37.4% for trailers, +86.3% for telehandlers).

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