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Agricultural machinery, in 2021 Italian exports rose di 5,6 billion euros


Italian exports of tractors and agricultural machinery rose of 20.5% in 2021, reaching a total amount of 5.6 billion euros, as pointed out by data collected from ISTAT (the Italian National Institue of Statistics) and processed by FederUnacoma. France (775 million euros), the United States (618 million) and Germany (554 million) are confirmed - as in previous years - the main destination for Italian agricultural machinery exports (the three countries account for 33.9% of the total). Other markets show an increase of their demand for Italian agricultural. The greatest progress was recorded by Turkey (+ 64% on 2021, from 90 million euros to 147), the United Kingdom (+ 61.7%, from 167 million to 271) and Chile (+ 55.1%, from 97 to 150 million). Also significant is the leap of Bangladesh which in just twelve months goes from 1.5 million to 27 million euros, while China has lost losing ground (-25.2%), moving back from 65 million in 2020 to 49 in 2021.

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