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European tractor market, 150 thousand registrations in 2020


Almost 150,000 agricultural tractors were registered across Europe in the full year 2020, according to numbers from CEMA, which show the high resiliency of the agricultural machinery sector in an year dominated by the consequences of the Covid pandemic. After a drop in registrations during the second quarter of  2020, a significant boost of the sales in the third and fourth quarter balanced the losses of the first months ot the year. Thus, when compared to 2019, the final balance of 2020 shows only a light decrease of registrations - around 3% - which means a net loss of some 5,000 units. The liability is even lower if there are to consider not only agricultural tractors but also machines such as telehandlers and quads. In this  case data disseminated by CEMA indicates a substantial stability in registrations with 2020 loosing just 1% to 2019 (180,000 units vs. 191,000). When it comes to single European markets it emerges that some countries were more effective than others in recovering the Q2 losses. Whilst Germany (+10,5%), Austria (+6%), Belgium (+7,5%), Poland (+26%) and Slovakia (+40%) managed to counterbalance the Covid crisis closing 2020 in surplus, Portugal (-26%), Norway  (-21,5%) UK (-18%) and Switzerland (-17,5%) couldn’t catch up. Market in the red also in the Czech Republic (-14%), in The Netherlands (-14%), Spain (-12%) and France (-9%). Minor losses for the Irish (-6%) and the Italian market (-3%) which were roughly on the same levels of 2019.

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