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New BGroup Imola industrial plant

On December 17 last year BGroup president Luigi Blasi, Imola mayor Daniele Manca and Pierangelo Raffini, councilor for the economic development of Imola, inaugurated the new Bgroup Imola industrial plant. The plant represents the core of the manufacturing group, for...

Bgroup: a new pole for Imola

A press conference was held in the Imola city hall March 23rd for unveiling an “Industrial Development Plan for a New Agricultural Machinery Pole” named the Bgroup. The project was presented by Bgroup President and Founder Luigi Blasi and Imola...

Tonutti and Blasi: a combination strengthening Made in Italy in the world

An accord signed by Carlo Tonutti, the president of the enterprise with the Tonutti and Wolagri brand names, and Luigi Blasi, with the brands Bargam, Projet, Oma, Rimeco, Agricom and Protek, marks an important new group in agricultural mechanization...

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