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Bgroup: a new pole for Imola

by the editorial staff
May - June 2015 | Back

A press conference was held in the Imola city hall March 23rd for unveiling an “Industrial Development Plan for a New Agricultural Machinery Pole” named the Bgroup. The project was presented by Bgroup President and Founder Luigi Blasi and Imola mayor Daniele Manca, who is also the president of the new Imola Administrative District. The former Castelli di via Bicocca plant will be taken over to become the headquarters of the industrial pole, one of the world’s most important in the sector of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing. Blasi declared, “We see prospects for growth in our industrial sector in spite of strong international competition. I believe in the future of agricultural mechanization and the potential of this business. I personally thank the mayor and the Imola administrators who have believed in our project for the development of the territory.”  The new industrial pole is already capable of supplying what is described as “a world of solutions”: machinery for weed control, spraying, mist blowing, self-propelled machinery, grape harvesters, pollinators, mowers, balers and other machinery for viticulture. Bgroup strategy is aimed at creating a new industrial group with full lines of products and equipment for agricultural machinery. Over the past 25 years Blasi’s former Progroup completed several important acquisitions for the purpose of achieving the widest possible range of technologies for agricultural mechanization. Bgroup’s new quarters extend over an area of 30,000 m² and an additional 50,000 m² are earmarked for logistics and industrial development. At present, the site includes four large production plants and a headquarters building housing the group’s offices. These great areas will allow the group to rationalize industrial production and the flow of materials for manufacturing efficiency which will return investments in the short term. Blasi concluded his remarks by saying, “I’m happy to be an entrepreneur in a city like Imola where skilled human resources and great experts in the mechanical engineering applied to agriculture are found. To be competitive at the world level we have to be specialists as well as innovators. This is the mission of our new agricultural machinery pole, in line with history and the successes achieved by the Bgroup in many years of work.”


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