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Spraymax wagons, high technology for weeding

by Giacomo Di Paola
January - February 2019 | Back

The Spraymax range of weeding wagons already presented in preview by Bgroup at EIMA International, makes a stop at the SIMA in Paris. This is a line of machines equipped with single-girder chassis, single shock-absorbed rear arm and the innovative bars (width from 16 to 42 metres) equipped with an AirAssisted system. This technology is very beneficial because - as explained in a technical note by the Bolognese manufacturer (the Bgroup headquarters are in Imola) - in addition to considerably reducing the drift effect (up to 90%), it improves the penetration of the product in crops that are tall or with thick foliage. Among the other constructive advantages of these new Bgroup models, the steering axles (braking and non-braking), which have suspensions and are independent and separated on the two wheels, characterized by an angle of up to 30° that allow them to follow the tractor’s pathway in every working condition. Available with capacities ranging from a minimum of 2500 and a maximum of 6500 litres and with bars from 16 to 42 metres, the Spraymax are compatible with diaphragm pumps (from 250 to 560 l/min) and with agriculture 4.0 technologies, such as, for example, the computerized and satellite management system for spreading the product. It also has a wide range optional equipment. Among others, these include a separate loading pump with pre-settable stop system, a hydraulic hose reel, and an automatic closing device for the single nozzle.


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