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MENA Countries: a future in the agrofood sector

In the economic area embracing the Middle East and North Africa, more emphasis is given to the strategy of diversification of activities, that are now less concentrated around oil and increasingly directed towards agriculture and the agrofood sector. With these new chains, the demand for mechanization at all levels is increasing and, with it, business opportunities for the industries of the sector. The projections related to trade are alarming, with growing partnerships with China, India and Turkey on one side and, on the other side, a decline for France and Italy

Filters for engine oil, hydraulic oil and diesel

Engine lubrication is a prerequisite for proper operation and good performance. Cleaning the lubricating oil and eliminating impurities are ensured by the filtration systems, which are increasingly effective and sophisticated also for agricultural motors. Today, the industry offers various types of filters that meet the specific needs of the different engines, and innovative materials that can improve the system's functionality

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