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Russia sanctions, bans also on "dual use" products

A new crackdown on trade between the EU and the Russian Federation. The additional measures provided for in EU Council Regulation 2023/427 specifically concern "dual use" products, namely products that can be used for both civilian and military purposes. Restrictions also apply to motor vehicles
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Trade with Russia: ongoing restrictions

EU measures launched following Russia's aggression against Ukraine do not only concern the direct export of products, including machinery, but also the shipment to countries that do not adhere to sanctions and can therefore triangulate goods towards the Russian Federation. The insertion of clauses in contracts to ensure that goods are not subject to restrictions is of particular importance

Iran and sanctions: the current state of play

From 2018, following the withdrawal of the United States of America from the so-called Nuclear Agreement, the mistaken belief that Iran is also under embargo by the European Union and, consequently, is forbidden to enter into commercial transactions with it, has spread among economic operators. In this article, the current state of play on international sanctions against the country

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