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European tenders, the public subcontracting market

For the services that FederUnacoma performs for member companies, particular importance has been emerging for the monitoring and selection of public tenders for the purchase of agricultural machinery and for landscaping. Within this field, we analyse the subcontracting market, illustrating the various bidding procedures, with a focus on the most interesting markets

The agro-mechanical enterprises, a resource for agriculture

"Third Report on subcontracting" presented as part of EIMA International. Declining number of farms, growing recourse to the services of agromechanical businesses
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The subcontracting, an european phenomenon

According to data provided by the "Guide to European subcontracting", produced by the Ceettar (European Confederation of agro-mechanical companies), there are 150,000 rural agricultural and forestry subcontractors operating within the EU, estimated to be employing over 600,000 people in the sector at the Community level

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