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Year 2024 Number 1



EIMA International, the 46th edition presented in streaming from Bologna

The great agricultural mechanics event aims to confirm the success of 2022. Among the innovations planned by the organizers of FederUnacoma is the REAL area specifically dedicated to robotic technologies and a contest reserved for social communication. Already rich the programme of conferences and thematic events

2024 Edition, preparing a successful event

In just one and a half months, registrations have jumped over 1330, with already 412 foreign companies booked. The number of exhibitors is expected to grow and the entire exhibition centre is expected to be sold out. Mariateresa Maschio: "there is great confidence but also great expectations from the operators". Simona Rapastella: "EIMA is an ‘innovation factory’ where the agriculture of the future is built"

The new Tractor of the Year formula

The prestigious international award comes to the 46th edition of the event with many new features, starting with the category for robotic tractors. Another novelty concerns the award for open-field tractors, which has been divided into two distinct power ranges

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