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The mechanical heart of EXPO 2015

The Italian manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment represented by FederUnacoma closed their experience at the Milan Universal Exposition with a strongly positive balance sheet.Exhibitions, events and cooperation projects aimed at again confirming the decisive role of mechanization for the development of the agro-food supply chain

FederUnacoma: a poker for the EXPO

The Italian association of agricultural machinery manufacturers presented in Milan its information and promotion initiatives. The presence inside three exhibitions on agri-food chains and a demonstration event in the field serve as a reminder that agricultural engineering is fundamental for every production chain

Cibus is Italy: food masterpieces

The Federalimentare area in the Italian Pavilion will bring together a large number of prestigious Made in Italy food enterprises in a sensational artistic setting. There will also be room for agricultural machinery as essential components in the agro-food supply chain with the institutional participation of FederUnacoma and a dozen members of the federation

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