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FederUnacoma: a poker for the EXPO

The Italian association of agricultural machinery manufacturers presented in Milan its information and promotion initiatives. The presence inside three exhibitions on agri-food chains and a demonstration event in the field serve as a reminder that agricultural engineering is fundamental for every production chain

by the editorial staff
May - June 2015 | Back

Four specific initiatives to highlight the importance of agricultural engineering, and the role it plays in improving the efficiency and quality of Italian agri-food chains. This is the FederUnacoma’s contribution at EXPO 2015, illustrated the last 11st June in Milan by Chairman Massimo Goldoni, during a press conference organized in the “Teatro della Terra” space, in the ​​Biodiversity area within the perimeter of the world expo. Of the four initiatives promoted by the Italian association of agricultural machinery manufacturers, three consist of traditional installations – participation in the exhibition “Fab Food. The factory of Italian taste”, the presence in Federalimentare’s exhibition “Cibus is Italy”, and the institutional presence within the Biodiversity Park - and one regards a demonstration event of agricultural machinery in the field, held at a farm in the province of Piacenza.


“Fab Food”

By participating in the “Fab Food” Exhibition, which is the official initiative of Confindustria as part of EXPO, the Association of agricultural machinery manufacturers wanted to help build an educational path that describes the production of food from the agricultural processes, through the harvest of the products, their industrial processing, up to food preparation and the experience of taste. A path divided into ten rooms, which covers a total area of ​​900 square metres on two levels, offering creative attractions for an audience composed mainly of young people, schools and families.


“Cibus is Italy”

The presence of the Association in the Federalimen­tare exhibition “Cibus is Italy” – with its own institutional presence and with the informational installations of eleven member companies (AMA, Annovi Reverberi, Breviglieri, Capello, Comer Industries, Irrimec, Ocmis Irrigazione, Officine Brevetti Caron, Rovatti Pompe, Salvarani and Zanon) – highlights how innovative engineering and high technology are a key element for the quality of food and the development of a “made in Italy” that is more and more refined, able to bring into close association territories of production with processing industries.


Biodiversity Park

Finally, the topic of biodiversity, which in the context of EXPO mainly concerns the environmental compatibility of agricultural processing and preservation of cultural diversity present in ecosystems and food traditions of the various regions of the planet, is closely related to agricultural engineering. Through its institutional space within the Biodiversity Park, the industry aims to document the large investments in research and innovation aimed precisely at reducing the environmental impact of agricultural processing and to make possible the mechanized cultivation of the widest variety of products, respecting biodiversity and people’s dietary habits.


EIMA Show for EXPO

The importance of engineering in all food and agricultural processing, however, can be fully understood only by witnessing technologies “in the field”. In this perspective, the Association has created, in cooperation with Confagricoltura and the Emilia Romagna Region, the “EIMA Show for EXPO”, a two-day demonstration of agricultural machinery and equipment to be held on July 3 and 4 at La Caminà farm, in Bacedasco Basso, in the province of Piacenza. Thirty companies are taking part in the demonstration of the mechanical industry, covering a wide range of vehicles, including tractors, operating machinery, equipment for working the soil, and components.


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