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Cibus is Italy: food masterpieces

The Federalimentare area in the Italian Pavilion will bring together a large number of prestigious Made in Italy food enterprises in a sensational artistic setting. There will also be room for agricultural machinery as essential components in the agro-food supply chain with the institutional participation of FederUnacoma and a dozen members of the federation

by the editorial staff
March - April 2015 | Back

A great food industry exhibition along with illustrations of the industry’s entire supply chain beginning with agriculture and basic crop operations are coming up for presentation at the EXPO 2015 Universal Exposition as staged by Federalimentare, the food federation in the Italian Manufacturers Confederation, Confindustria, which represents companies in the food sector. Preparing to play a key role in the exposition around the EXPO 2015 theme, Feeding the Planet, Federalimentare is setting up in the Italian Pavilion the exhibit Cibus è Italia, Cibus (Food) is Italy, in collaboration with the Parma Trade Fair. The intention of the exhibit is to lay out the great history of food Made in Italy through a fascinating voyage among products of excellence with which the the Italian tradition is interwoven with the high technology of the food industry. This route covering the entire food supply chain will include agricultural mechanization in a dedicated institutional area taken over by FederUnacoma, the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation, which represents the entire mechanization sector, and a section hosting a dozen federation member manufacturers. Unfortunately, the space available will not allow the participation of other companies which showed interest in arriving. Those set to take part are AMA, Annovi & Reverberi, Antonio Carraro, Caron Officine Brevetti, Comer Industries, Irrimec, Ocmis Irrigazione, Rovatti Pompe, Salvarani and Zanon which cover a wide range of merchandise from tractors to components. In their own locations, equipped with multimedia screens and showcases of small scale models and products, the agricultural machinery manufacturers will join in a circuit linking the entire supply chain in the setting of hundreds of companies and thousands of brands to tell the world the story of of Italian food products and their future. Up for presentation, with the collaboration of international artists and the world of design, is a new trade fair model for the entire six-month run of the Milan exposition to include no fewer than thirty-five delegations of buyers arriving from abroad. The structure, with a very real backdrop designed by architect Francesco Di Gregorio, takes over 5,000 m² of floorspace on two floors and includes a terrace for meetings, food tasting experiences, workshops and business matching. The two floors contain a fascinating educational and entertaining walkway and featured outside is a live artistic performance consisting of architectural textiles created ad hoc which sequentially change the appearance of the pavilion. Relations between art and food, moreover, will be one of the great themes of the Milan EXPO 2015, as was explained by Federalimentare during a press conference held in Milan February 27th. In this connection, the front facade of the pavilion will become the set for staging Cibus Infabula performances which will combine street art and video art in thirteen episodes based on food, nutrition and the planet. For the entire run of the exposition, graffiti artists from various countries – including L7m from Brazil, Masaru Ishiura and Kinuko Esther Asano from Japan, Destrukt from the UK and the Italian, Agostino Jacurci – will show their hands for the creation of murals associated with a video installation with great visual impact.


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