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A virtual university to discover agro-mechanics

The portal area dedicated to conferences and cultural events is particularly rich and dynamic. In the five days of the Digital Preview, institutions, associations and specialized publishing houses will create a calendar of online events. These will be interesting not only because of the selected topics, but also for the captivating presentation methods and innovative languages

Food security: balancing the agricultural system

"Food: Good for Everyone" was the theme of a conference held in 25th of August at the Rimini Meeting with the participation among the rapporteurs of FederUnacoma President Massimo Goldoni. Meeting the food requirements of the planet will be possible thanks to the production capacity as well as stabilizing the markets and enacting policies capable of reconciling economic interests and sustainability

EIMA International: a full schedule for the Bologna outing

Numerous meetings will enliven the five days of the international agricultural mechanization exposition. Agencies, publishing houses and exhibiting industries are promoting gatherings and conferences on technical and policy issues of interest. More than one hundred appointments are on the calendar to confirm the Bologna review as not only a promotional and commercial event but also cultural

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