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EIMA International: a full schedule for the Bologna outing

Numerous meetings will enliven the five days of the international agricultural mechanization exposition. Agencies, publishing houses and exhibiting industries are promoting gatherings and conferences on technical and policy issues of interest. More than one hundred appointments are on the calendar to confirm the Bologna review as not only a promotional and commercial event but also cultural

by the editorial staff
October - November 2014 | Back

Young farmers, contractors, bioenergy, hydrogeological dissolution and international markets are only a few of the issues to be taken up during the 41st edition of EIMA International, the agricultural machinery exposition set for November 12 to 16 in the Bologna Trade Fair Center. The event, one of the world’s greatest in the field of technologies for the primary sector, is also stepping up as an occasion for meetings, conferences and discussions on the salient points of the agricultural economy, the environment, industrial policy, research and innovation as well as the rural society. The issue of relations between young people and farming comes under focus in a conference sponsored by the Informatore Agrario publishing house in collaboration with FederUnacoma and Cattolica Assicurazioni given the title, Youth in Agriculture, Resources for the Country, Prospects, Policies and Job Opportunities, scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday the 13th in the Four-Sided Arch area of the trade fair center. The encounter will bring together authoritative experts in agriculture, young entrepreneurs and political representatives for dealing with a Nomisma survey which underscores the weak generational changeover in the Italian farming system. Job opportunities is a point also coming up in the renewable energy sources sector and especially bioenergy for which Italy has produced operational plans and valid advanced systems as models for other countries as well. Biomass and the Land: Made in Italy Experiences for the New International Markets is the name of a workshop promoted by ITABIA, the Italian Biomass Association, with the publication Rivista Nuova Energia coming up on the morning of Wednesday the 12th immediately after the opening of the exposition. Of special interest on major mechanization issues is the conference Contractors as a Key in the Competitiveness of Italian Agriculture set for the morning of Thursday the 13th of November. This gathering, organized by Edagricole in collaboration with Unima, Confai, Unacma, ENAMA and FederUnacoma, will present a special study carried out by Nomisma in Bologna which highlights the leading role of contractors not only for the agricultural mechanization market but also for overall efficiency in the primary sector. An appointment sponsored by Agri2000 will focus on innovation with the presentation, on Thursday the 13th of the Innovation Observatory 2014 Report on innovation in Italian farming businesses under the title Sustainability in Processes and Profitability of Production: At What Point are Italian Farming Enterprises? On the side of specialization, ENAMA is sponsoring a meeting on the issue, Mandatory Function Control of Sprayers Prescribed by PAN (National Action Plan): At What Point Are We and What Can the Advantages Be for Operators. The Protagonists Speak Out scheduled  for Wednesday the 12th. On technical matters there are a number of seminars set up by agencies and publishing houses, including ITABIA, AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation), ENAMA-Unacma, New Business Media and the Informatore Agrario, for the purpose of disseminating knowledge of new technologies in the fields of agronomics, mechanical engineering, energy and electronics for the great public of business people and farmers attending EIMA International. Also on hand will be the |Unasa Academy of the Agrarian Sciences for a meeting entitled, Agricultural Sustainability Through Agricultural Mechanization Innovation, on Friday the 14th. Scheduled for the opening day, Wednesday morning the 12th  with an international reach, is the Tractor of the Year award ceremony organized by the Rivista Trattori publication with prizes assigned by a jury of journalists representing the leading European publishers in the sector to tractor models judged innovative and high performing. The Meeting of the Club of Bologna for an analysis of the development of mechanization in a number of areas around the world is scheduled for Thursday the 13th as is a joint Agrievolution and CEMA press conference for the presentation of the global market scene and forecasts on international demand. On the same day the Association of Agrarian Engineering AIIA is promoting a conference on the issue Agriculture and Legality with a report on the experience of the Libera Terra (Free Land) Consortium. A meeting sponsored by FederUnacoma on Wednesday the 12th takes up Hydrogeographic Dissolution, A Mechanization Issue and of special interest to the world of sports is a conference with the title Sports Grounds and Football Today, sponsored by Bottos in collaboration with Promoverde and FederUnacoma for Friday the 14th. On the same day is a conference for the presentation of UCMISE, a new association of contractors and firms for the construction and maintenance of grass turf sports facilities. Many more meetings, a total of one hundred of them, will round out the EIMA International calendar of events, especially those staged by the exhibiting industries for the presentation of their new products with some organized for the convention hall of the trade fair center and others in the manufacturers’ pavilion stands. 



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