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The portal area dedicated to conferences and cultural events is particularly rich and dynamic. In the five days of the Digital Preview, institutions, associations and specialized publishing houses will create a calendar of online events. These will be interesting not only because of the selected topics, but also for the captivating presentation methods and innovative languages

by the editorial staff
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Presented this afternoon by FederUnacoma during a streaming press conference, the EIMA digital preview, which will be held in virtual reality from next 11 to 15 November, reserves great space for cultural and political initiatives. During the “digital preview”, an area of the platform will host the “Agorà” section. This will be dedicated to streaming events and conferences, as well as web seminars on the main topics of technological innovation, research in the agro-mechanical field, applied electronics and green space design. There will also be initiatives focused on the economic scenario and on the political agenda for agriculture, the environment, and related industrial sectors.

In this dedicated area, part of the events will be directly promoted by FederUnacoma as the organizing body of EIMA International, while others will be promoted by institutional bodies, professional organizations and publishing houses. Accessing them will be easy for visitors, since on the EIMA Digital Preview platform, the door that gives access to the debates and cultural contents will be clearly visible next to the doors to the exhibition area and to the area reserved for contacts with the organizational team.

“Immersed in the scenery of a large covered amphitheatre, which stands out for its suggestive shape and avant-garde architectural structures - explained the general manager of FederUnacoma Simona Rapastella - the participants will be able to attend the events, including shows and entertainment, scheduled on the large central stage, or enter the individual rooms where the initiatives are scheduled”. “The visitors will also be able to access the EIMA TV area - adds Rapastella - where all the events are stored and the various initiatives can be viewed later by logging in from all over the world”.

The research and training activities, scheduled for the days of the Digital Preview, include the meetings of the Club of Bologna on strategies for future mechanization and the web lessons promoted by the Universities in the EIMA Campus. The seminars connected with Mech@griJobs are also dedicated to training. This programme is managed by FederUnacoma in collaboration with Unacma, aiming to raise awareness among secondary school students about job opportunities in the agro-mechanical sector. The presentation event of the EIMA Technical Innovations, shown by FederUnacoma in digital preview before being physically exhibited at EIMA International in February 2021, will be particularly salient. The Tractor of the Year 2020 event, organized by Tractor magazine, will be equally important, with the online preview of the finalist models (the winners will be announced at the traditional edition of EIMA, in February 2021).  The various publishing houses will be offering a schedule of seminars mainly on technical topics. These will include the in-depth meetings on conservative and precision agriculture by New Business Media, the training webinars promoted by the Informatore Agrario on agronomic issues. There will also be seminars focused on agricultural landscapes and alternative crops hosted by Agrisicilia, while the use of digital technologies in the agricultural sector will be covered in the meetings promoted by Image Line. Some very valuable events will be offered by Agia, present at the EIMA Digital Preview with insights on sustainability and multifunctionality in agriculture.

Also on the subject of multifunctionality, it is worth noting the symposium on the future of green cities which, organized by the BioHabitat Foundation, addresses issues relating to urban regeneration and the relationship between city and countryside. Conferences will constitute a central part of this first edition of EIMA Digital Preview, and they are interesting not only for their content, but also for their formats. Many of those offering these initiatives have developed methods that make the most of the electronic medium, hosting events with an agile and captivating style, which include graphics and videos to support each speaker’s presentation.

While the Preview of the exhibiting companies represents an important innovative marketing experience, the digital Agorà initiative represents a laboratory of the most advanced languages and communication styles, to illustrate the vast world of agriculture.


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