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"The machine that I would like", young people speak

The competition between agricultural institutes to develop new agricultural machinery "concepts", promoted by Agia (CIA) and FederUnacoma, was presented as part of the EDP. The projects will have to refer to specific mechanical means for internal areas, useful for revitalizing the range of activities that are possible in a rural environment. The award ceremony will be held at EIMA in Bologna from 19 to 23 October

by the editorial staff
December 2020 | Back

This time, the idea can come from those who will have to use them in the field: the students of agricultural schools are called to design the machines they feel they need and that they would like to be able to buy when they start working on farms. The proposals will participate in the competition "The agricultural machine that I would like!" organized by Agia, Young Agricultural Entrepreneurs Association, and presented during EIMA Digital Preview.

As stated in the competition notice, available at, you can participate with "a creative, original product, capable of arousing an emotion, in the form of an image or a short video, which is able to represent an agricultural machine or mechanical equipment that does not currently exist, to be used in the internal areas of Italy for the purpose of enhancing these territories, that is, the creation of new added value by the new generations".

This first edition of the competition therefore has a specific theme: designing a mechanical solution for internal areas. These are the territories which, due to the orographic nature of our country, present difficulties in operating with equipment designed for large flat areas. Furthermore, the characteristics of the terrain change abruptly over a short distance.

These aspects, which can be penalizing in comparison with the extensive crops of other countries, have in many cases proved to be a resource for the Italian agricultural economy, which has specialized in the valuable crops typical of the various local territories. This requires ingenious solutions for how to cultivate and, of course, for the machines that have to operate in these contexts.

With this new competition, agriculture students are asked to do what farmers and agricultural machinery entrepreneurs have historically done in the past, accelerating the process that goes from the moment in which a need and a possible technological solution is identified to when an industry embraces the proposal and transforms it into a product to be launched on the market.

The training by agricultural institutes also includes the specific subject of "agricultural mechanics", which takes on greater specific weight in the context of this competition. Furthermore, Agia has also organized four co-design webinars to be held between December and March. The award ceremony will take place during the EIMA international exhibition, which will be held in physical form in Bologna from 19 to 23 October 2021.



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