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Italian forests, a strategical asset

Italy finally has a precise National Forest Strategy (NFS). The document produced by MiPAAF in collaboration with other competent Ministries will be a tool for the benefit of the forest heritage in the collective interest of Italy. The strategic objective will be to ensure productive and sustainable management of Italy's forests, which are rich in biodiversity and able to contribute to mitigation and adaptation to the climate crisis. In addition to ecological benefits, positive social and economic effects are expected for rural and mountain communities, for today's citizens and for future generations

GESTA project: eco-sustainable land management in Abruzzo

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry aims to promote the multifunctionality of the forest and the sustainable use of renewable resources in rural areas. With this in mind, it will finance 27 projects throughout Italy that will implement concrete actions for the proper management of the mountain and inland forestry areas. One of the proposals approved by a committee of experts is the GESTA project, which in Abruzzo has brought together 28 stakeholders including administrations, associations and operators in the primary sector

Forest Report: the potential and the critical issues

For the first time MIPAAF (the Italian Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies) has provided in a detailed report, a precise description of the Italian forest heritage and of the associated production chains. This work - unique for its completeness – is aimed at tracing the guidelines for sustainable production development of the woods, monitoring their evolution

Bioenergy: a sector plan being considered by the Ministry

The Ministry of Agriculture has entrusted Itabia with the task of drawing up a basic document for the development of energy from agricultural raw materials. Made in agreement with the professional agricultural organizations, the Plan aims to ensure a proper valuation of the resource biomass, financially support farmers and harmonize the regulatory system

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