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Development of mechanization: a map of incentives

The RDP is, by far, the most substantial measure to finance the purchase of agricultural machinery. However, a detailed analysis by region reveals the existence of many other tools that, in financing interventions for the improvement of firms' productive and energy efficiency, also provide funds for the purchase of agricultural and forestry machinery

Miro Project, an innovative machine for olive cultivations

A project financed by the Rural Development Program for the Umbria Region has produced a prototype of a new concept machine which is especially efficient for harvesting and in other operations for olive cultivations. The new model will be manufactured on an industrial scale by the company Spapperi

Rural Development Program: seven-year 2014-2020 start up

This new year marked the opening of operations for new rural development financing program committing the European Union up to 2020. The new RDP, which includes specific measures for the purchase of machinery and equipment, must come through the consultations of the EU Member States responsible for setting priorities and criteria for assigning funds to become operative

On the lubricants market, a place found for biodegradables of vegetable origin

The ecocompatibility requirements for mechanical operations is making the use of biological lubricants more feasible. Among the new products on the market is Matrol-Bi, produced by the Sincro consortium set up by Novamont and Coldiretti

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